December 10, 2007

I am moving!!!!!

Well, the time has come, my 3.5 loyal readers to move to a new address. Nothing really new and exciting over there yet, but since I have decided to post more often, I figure I might as well let you know where I will be posting so you can update your links. So visit me over at my new site, Satiated Designs.

December 9, 2007

Sunday = Football

Dan and Jack, and then one of The Boyz:

Well, all the grades aren't in yet, but so far so GREAT!

Only two of my classes are posted as of right now, but an A in Microbiology and an A- in Nutrition are enough to make this already productive Sunday feel so darn satisfying! A little holiday shopping like a good consumer and a half an hour in I felt like turning around and bolting for home. But I plowed on, through the crowds, and the lines, and got a couple of things that were definately on hubby's wish list. Ahhhh... Now I can create the rest of my gifts without the purchasing power that, at this point, I no longer possess anyway. Perfect. Perhaps I will actually pull of Christmas this year. On time. Does this make me an adult?

December 7, 2007

I just saw a site that has a NanoSewMo which as far as i can tell is a nanowrimo for sewers!!!

December 5, 2007

Finals Week Is a Nightmare

Currently I have one and one-half finals finished out of a total of 3. Monday, Nutrition, done, 95% in the class. Anatomy and Physiology 2; 2.5 hour final last night and an 8 page paper due Friday by 3pm total percentage 90.5% as of yesterday pre final. So darn borderline its infuriating. Tomorrow morning: Microbiology, percentage unknown, but so far I know its above 90%. My stress level is off the charts, and that seems to be making it harder to sit down and do what I need to do, as usual my procrastination side fights with my perfectionist side and I end up not starting the paper until I have hours left to actually get it turned in. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. At least I am not the only one.